Split Loan Case Form

Travel Loan Split Case Overview

Legal Requirements

  • Client must notify Global Refuge Travel Loans Department in writing, via e-mail, or letter.
  • Client must complete and return the Global Refuge Travel Loan Split Form
  • The form must be notarized 

Split Loan Payment Responsibility

  • Divorce: Legal papers noting who is responsible for the loan are required.
  • Children
    • Contractual obligations fall to the Promissory note signer.
    • If parents are separated, court documentation stating payment arrangements and obligations is required.
    • If no documentation is received, the signer of the Promissory note remains responsible until proper legal / US Court Orders have been received noting the responsibilities.
  • The responsibility pertaining to the note payment is that of the note signer. It does not matter if the note signer is married, divorced, separated, or has never been married.

NOTE:  IOM provides instructions on the method of splitting the loan allocation among participants in the Travel Loan program.

 Access the Split Case Request Form

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